“Raffles gave me a change to open myself and participate in leading other students. It helped me to become an independent person. It is my honor to study at Raffles”

Graduating from the Raffles International Institute of Mongolia with an advanced degree in Finance, Misheel Purevjargal was a simple woman who didn’t know that her life would take an unexpected turn at Raffles.

On her first day, she knew no one. No familiar face, no friends, and no one to talk to. Eventually, she joined the student council and became its secretary. Soon after, she was spearheading interactive events for the Raffles student body as the president of the student council. Things weren’t easy for her at first, but the Raffles experience gave her the ability to adjust smoothly when it came to balancing her academics and extra-curriculars.

After earning her advance degree, Misheel was shortly offered an opportunity to work at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts as a Leasing Officer. Despite the difficulties in accomplishing her goals for the company, Misheel was able to push through by bringing out the creative ability and practical skills that Raffles was able to inculcate. And that same year, Misheel decided to pursue an honors bachelor’s degree in Management from the Northumbria University, a partner of the Raffles International Institute of Mongolia. To balance her studies and work came as a challenge, but it was a challenge that was possible to overcome.

In due course, Misheel graduated with a bachelor’s degree and is still working as a leasing officer for the hotel group. She recognizes Raffles as an institution that gave quality education that exposed her to well-rounded experiences relevant to the industry she pursued.
“I have learned great things from Raffles. It changed my entire outlook on and attitude toward life,” she said.

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