Raffles Mongolia Northumbria Partnership – Top 1% of Business Schools Worldwide. Double Accredited

Get your UK Three Year Degree Right Here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Call us on 328030

  1. You are thinking about where to study your bachelor degree right? You say to yourself I need a relevant university degree that is going to get me into a career and a job that meets my career aspirations and pays me well enough to help me with things I want to do in my personal life. What about the length of the program. Well in the United Kingdom degree programs are three years in length. In Mongolia typically four years. Really, yes is the correct answer to that most important question. Did you also know that when you study with Raffles and Northumbria you will get two international qualifications. You will earn an Advanced Diploma and a Bachelor Degree. Your Northumbria Bachelor Degree really opens a lot of doors for you. You will be a strong candidate for any job opportunity in Mongolia, you can study a Master’s program at Northumbria and since you will have a UK qualification you may have career opportunities internationally.
  2. The Business Degree Program that Raffles Mongolia offers with its partner Northumbria is truly unique. You study core courses which gives you a strong foundation in business. You pick your major in either Management, Marketing or Banking and Finance. You work towards completing your final project and work placement call “Internship” and then you complete your final year in a practical research informed learning platform with Northumbria University in England, UK. So many experiences over the three year period will change you and develop skills you never knew you could have. Northumbria’s Business School is DOUBLE ACCREDITED which means AACSB the international accrediation body has reviewed Northumbria Business School twice to make sure the school is a TOP School. There is no other program quite like this in Ulaanbaatar. Students and parents are welcome to visit us to discuss their high school transcripts and our three year program in business. Our new brochure is available on Monday, July 3, 2017.

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